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Video description: A Calling, the Hand is knocking, asking and waiting for the Door to open.  'This entrance was meant  solely for you'... A Calling , 2009.

Video description: 'One Shot taken on a motorcycle taxi in

Gran-Rout Market in Haiti 2010. The soundtack; a song is a funny love song in Hebrew. The woman and the man are singing; 'With you is just because I love to be,  with you is just because I want to be, I am with you not because I have to be, I am with you just because I want to be'. One of the things that stood out for me over the two years I spent in Haiti are matters of 'Choice', 2010.

Video description: 'Working Harder Makes Us Better our work is never over'... A video Clip made to Daft Punk song "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger" with Minimalist Gif animation. 2006 

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