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Born 1980.

Multidisciplinary Artist, lives in Ein Hod, Israel.

Art Community Education  

P.S I love you - My Blog from time spent in Haiti (Hebrew)

day bike trip in the Atlas desert, Morocco -  published in a biking magazine,Israel, 2005 (Hebrew).

Images for Exhibitions and Press .


2020 - Solo exhibition, Gvoul Gallery, Kibutz Hanita.

2019 - Group exhibition, Art Based Research, Kuferman Collection, Kibutz Lochamei Hagetaot/ 

2016 - 'Home Sweet Home', Binyamini Ceramic Gallery, Tel-Aviv. In collaboration with Avi Siviliya, Shoshi Waxman, Judith Handelzalts Navarro and a group of creative woman from Mishan Neot Afeka.

2015 -  '2 Richter Scale' collaboration with Avi Sivilya, Florentine 45 Contemporary Art Space and Gallery.

2010 - 'After Dawn' Gallery 39 for Contemporary Art, Tel-Aviv.

2010 -  '4270 Seconds of Longing' Video Art Collection and Exhibition, Shai Arye Gallery TLV, Spain, Germany. 

2010 - 'Friday' Hanina Gallery, Tel-Aviv.

2010 - 'Enclosure' Street Exhibition in Yehuda Hayamit, Jaffa.

2009 -  Yanco Dada Museum, Ein Hod 

2009 -  'Privet Call', Solo Exhibition, Florentine 45 Contemporary Art Space and Gallery, Tel Aviv.  

2009 - 'Aisle' Zigota Center for Preforming Arts.

2008 - 'OffWhite', Florentine 45 Contemporary Art Space and Gallery, Tel Aviv.

2008 - 'The Grand Plane' Agora Art Gallery' Jaffa.

2008 -  'The Observer of Israeli Art' Tmoona theater, Tel-Aviv.

2007 - 'Neshel' Alternative Gallery Hamadches, Tel-Aviv.

2007 -  'Beauty and Life', Midrasha Art School, Beit Berl.

2007 - 'Refresh’, Florentine 45 Contemporary Art Space and Gallery, Tel Aviv. 

2004 - China Forte, Video Art festival, Senimateck Tel-Aviv. 


2018 - Solo Exhibition for Zheavit Carmel, Artist and illustrator that works to raise awareness for Animal Well being Around the world.  

2017 - 'Voice Drops' as a metaphor to Rain Drops. An Educational exhibition that encourages the visitors to express what is on their mind and become part of the exhibition. Our expressions are important to our society's development like the rain is important to the soils fruitfulness. 18 Artists and 100 Teenagers participated in this Exhibition. 

2017 - 'Abstract Language', this Exhibition combines paintings by Artist; Shiri Lass and Paintings done in  Levinshtain Hospital by people participating in a art rehabilitation group led by Artist Avi Seviliya.

2010 - 'Friday' co-curation with Yoav Efrati, Hanina Gallery, Tel-Aviv.

2008 - 'Wrong Education'  co-curation with Noa Gross, Hakita Gallery, Tel-Aviv.  

2008 - 'Swamp-Hole' Solo Exhibition for Artist Lital Dorchin, co-curation with Noa Gross, Hakita Gallery, Tel-Aviv.    


2018 - M.Ed - Art Based Research, Oranim Collage, Israel.

2004-2007 B.Ed in Fine Arts, Midrasha, Beit Berl Collage, Israell.

2014 -2015 - Community Art Hub, Shenkar, Israel.

2012 - Arts and Transformation Seminar, B.a.B International. 

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